All Products are designed and manufactured to the highest standards and have been field tested for the spesific need they have been desighned for. We are able to custom manufacture any telematry tracking device for any animal our clients may need.

Yagie antenna 433 mhz (6 element)

Yagie antenna 150 mhz (3 element)

Monkey150 mhz collar Tramsmitter
Size: 35mm (L) 16mm ( Dia)
Battery Life: 10 months
Range: 10 km (Direct los)

bird clip

Transmitter mounting clips

Alinco multiband reciever

Reptile 433 mhz glue mount Transmitter
Size: 34mm (L) 16mm (W) 25mm (H)
Battery Life: 10 months
Range: 5 km

Dart Transmitter Dart Tx sleave

Gem-GPS Data logger

Dart Transmitter 433 mhz
Size: 44mm (L) 9mm ( Dia)
Battery Life: 9 hrs
Range: 3 km

Dart Transmitter holder

tortoise tx
Bird 433 mhz Transmitter
Size: 11mm (Dia) 29mm (L) batt included
Battery Life: 10 months
Range: 5 km
Tortouise 433 mhz glue mount Transmitter
Size: 28mm (Dia) 17mm (H)
Battery Life: 10 months
Range: 5 km
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in the World.


Black And White Rhino Foot VHF Collar


Snake VHF implant


Anti theft GPS tracking unit for fencing Gum pole



Black and White Rhino Horn implant
VHF beacon Transmitter


Black and White Rhino neck
implant VHF beacon Transmitter


White Rhino GPS Horn implant


Wild Dog GPS/GSM/VHF collar


Wild Dog model 2 (no anti snare) VHF Collar


Leopard Iridium Satellite Collar with VHF unit